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  • Scale Towbar kit - 1/7 scale

    $285.00 $242.00

    Now you can successfully replicate the well used military reference 55J22139-4 towbar used on so many modern military jets. 
    What better way to add a touch of realism to your favorite scale jet than to include the StrictlyScale towbar.  Offered in 1/7 scale it comes with all the parts to create the bar shown in the attached photos.  Over 50 printed parts and over 100 hardware items help create the replication in 1/7 scale. 
    Add the option to include the bolts on the main tube and you get the extra hex head screws (60 of them!) and vinyl cut drilling templates.  Towbar kit comes with very detailed instructions to help put the bar together and finish it. 
    Kit comes un-assembled and unpainted.  Add our special hex wrench tool to help with assemble.  This must-have tool acts like a nut driver and makes quick work of loosening and tightening the tiny 00-90 size nuts and hex head screws. 
    Made in the USA, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.