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  • F-18 Scale Exterior Surface Details - 1/7 Scale

    The Strictly Scale F-18 scale detail parts set includes many of the common external items found on the aircraft.  This 1/7 scale set includes a total of seventeen (17) scale parts.

    Parts are precision printed in white plastic, featuring a textured finish that is ready for paint.  Some parts may have very slight print lines, or “stepping”, which is a natural result of 3D printing.  A light sanding will eliminate these lines, as will the paint in most cases.

    These scale parts come with a detailed location instructions for the F/A-18 Hornet models A/B/C/D (not the Super Hornet E/F).

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

    The 1/7 scale detail set includes:
        - Qty 2, AOA (Angle of Attack) Probes
        - Qty 2, Air Data Probes (square shaped antenna)
        - Qty 5, IFF Interrogator/transponder antennas - "Bird Slicers"
        - Qty 1, Upper TACAN Antenna
        - Qty 1, UHF/VHF Antenna
        - Qty 1, GPS Antenna (dome)
        - Qty 1, Lower UHF/IFF Antenna
        - Qty 2, Air Data Probes (swept style antenna)
        - Qty 2, ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) antennas

    Note:  The long contoured antennas shown in the photos are included but not listed above.

    Scale detail set comes with illustrated instructions and location details.