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  • F-18 Scale Exterior Surface Details - 1/7 Scale

    Nothing adds more impact to a scale model as the small surface details.  The F-18 Hornet is no exceptions!

    Whether you already have a finished F-18, or one under construction, the Strictly Scale F-18 surface details are easy to add and will create immediate impact.

    The 1/7 scale detail set includes:
        - Qty 2, AOA (Angle of Attack) Probes
        - Qty 2, Air Data Probes (square shaped antenna)
        - Qty 5, IFF Interrogator/transponder antennas - "Bird Slicers"
        - Qty 1, Upper TACAN Antenna
        - Qty 1, UHF/VHF Antenna
        - Qty 1, GPS Antenna (dome)
        - Qty 1, Lower UHF/IFF Antenna
        - Qty 2, Air Data Probes (swept style antenna)
        - Qty 2, ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) antennas

    BONUS:  Also included are a couple extra of the more vulnerable antennas so the owner has a few spares available should they get knocked off and lost.

    Parts come light grey ready to paint, or just install directly on your model.  Parts are precision pressure molded for a pin-hole free and UV resistant finish.

    Scale detail set comes with illustrated instructions and location details.