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  • F-18 Scale Integrated Surface Details - 1/7 Scale

    A key detail on the F-18 Hornet (Early Models) are the integrated surface details, such as the louvered vents under the nose and chaff/flare dispensers.  Now you can incorporate this detail into your F-18 model!

    These Strictly Scale details are designed to be integrated by the builder during construction and perfectly simulate these key features. 

    The set includes all 5 vents used to expel gas from the gun.  This includes the very detailed RH and LH fuse vents with diagonal stiffener.  Also included are the pair of chaff/flare dispensers that are located under each inlet.

    Also included are the very visible herringbone style vents on the top of the leading edge extensions (LEX).  These two round vents are also available separately.

    Parts come white ready to install and blend into your model's fuselage.  Parts are 3D printed.

    Integrated details come with illustrated instructions and location diagrams.