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  • 1/9th Scale Sway Brace - Pair

    Small scale details can make a big impact on a scale model.  Whether your model is of a jet or a warbird, the Strictly Scale pylon sway braces will capture the realism of the full size.

    Braces are precision pressure molded for a pin-hole free and UV resistant finish, yet realistically capture the cast finish of the full size brace.  They are made from a special mix of resin and aluminum powder.  They are resistant to moisture, moderate heat, and solvents.  Braces are ready to paint, or just install on your finished model as is.  

    Each brace comes drilled and tapped (0-80 thread) ready for the included adjustment bolts and jam nuts, per the full size.  Also, at the buyers option, the brace can come with a countersunk hole in the center for quick mounting.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  One set includes enough parts for TWO braces.  Typically this is enough for ONE pylon.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.